Isn't She Lovely

Jehovah Jirah Chose My Mate

By: 007kkb1969

After over 35 years, I am convinced God was right. He is my provider!

When I was lonely years ago, I found myself a grown man sitting in my bed nightly crying out to God.  I was tired of the unfruitful relationships I was having with different women. The conversations and dates were not meeting my expectations. I’m sure the ladies were finding me limited as well. I was very unhappy and that didn’t help either.

I began to confine myself to work, and home with little public involvement or interaction. One day a workmate asked me to go to a hotel night club with him.  I was not interested. But he kept after me to go with him. I finally agreed. We were sitting at a table talking and my eyes began to view a pretty young lady. I wanted to meet and talk with her because of all the people that were there she caught my attention.  I was very shy then.  But after what seemed like eternity, I went over to where she was sitting and asked her and two other females she was sitting with, “Would anyone like to dance?”. Somehow she jumped to a quick “Yes” response before the others. I was very pleased and we danced.

We danced to more than one songs. I don’t remember how many. Conversation was very limited, but feelings were in high gear! I was exploding in my heart, my mind, and my feelings. All I wanted to hear from her was “Yes, I want to see you again.”. I believe we began to talk and dance some more, then she was leaving to drive home. I believe she met the others at the night club. Well I walked her to her car and very innocently asked if I could kiss her good night. She agreed and sparks flew. I tried to contain myself as she got in her car and drove away. But I lost it.

A voice spoke within me – She is your mate. I had been crying out to God for a female that would have meaning in my life and God was setting me up for a marriage. It took my wife years before God finally confirmed in her that I was supposed to meet her and marry her.  But though we went through good times and bad, I kept believing it was God’s will.

Today she is my best friend, lover, and wife. Sitting and talking with her is like talking with God. She pours out wisdom, love, encouragement, and kindness. I highly recommend God’s choice for a mate. The journey is  rewarding!


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