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How do I add a testimony?

Testimonies are added by clicking on the ENTER TESTIMONY menu bar option. This option will take you to a page which contains a form. The form provides the ability to add a new testimony post.

The post will not immediately update the site. It will be in PENDING status until the site administrator approves the Add request.

Does a testimony need to reference bible verses?

No it is not necessary, but it is helpful to others who are young in Christ.


How do I become a member on the Good Report?

Select the REGISTER option below the menu bar at the far right, or by opening the menu bar left of the HOME menu bar selection.

You will receive a USERID and password for the LOGIN option. With a USERID and PASSWORD you have Subscriber access to the site. This provides only viewer permission.

How can I upgrade my user account?

You can request upgrade to Contributor.  Contributor status allows you to add testimonies and pictures to your testimonies. It also allows you to add FAQs.

To obtain Contributor privileges for your user account, click on the CONTACT option in the menu bar. Enter a request to have your user account upgraded to Contributor status. You should receive an email confirming that you have been upgraded.

How do I search for different testimonies?

You can use the menu bar RECENT TESTIMONIES option and you can enter a keyword in the search box on the RECENT TESTIMONIES page.

The RECENT TESTIMONIES option is clickable to display all testimonies in a list. Then you can select any one of the testimony titles for more detail. Otherwise, by hovering over the menu option, you will see a list of testimony categories. Select one by clicking and a page will display with testimonies from the selected category.

At any time on the testimony page you can use the search box on the right of the page. Just enter a keyword and testimonies will display that meet the search criteria.

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